Peroxyacetyl nitrate(PAN), an eye irritant is produced by:
(a) acid rain
(b) photochemical smog
(c) classical smog
(d) organic waste

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Hint: PAN or peroxyl acetyl nitrate is a compound which is formed by the reaction of two other pollutants with each other in the presence of sunlight and PAN occurs as a yellowish-brown haze in the atmosphere. Now identify that process.

Complete step by step answer:
-Peroxyacetyl nitrate(PAN), an eye irritant is produced by the photochemical smog. In photochemical smog , photo means light and smog are a mixture of smoke and fog. In the morning hours , the NO and hydrocarbon level increases followed by an increase in the nitrogen dioxide. And when this nitrogen dioxide is exposed to the sunlight , it leads to the production of ozone and a compound known as PAN i.e. peroxyacetyl nitrate.
-PAN appears as a yellowish-brown haze in the atmosphere and is known as the photochemical smog. The important hydrocarbon for the production of photochemical smog are olefins
-The occurrence of photochemical smog is a case of synergism which involves two pollutants reacting with one another under certain specific conditions , thus producing a third pollutant which is even more dangerous.
-The symptoms of photochemical smog are irritation in the eyes, reduced visibility, respiratory disorders , sore throat etc. it also causes damages to the textiles, rubber articles and decolorizes the p[paintings etc.

Hence, option (b) is correct.

Note: Olefins are the unsaturated hydrocarbons and are made up of hydrogen and carbon and the carbon atoms consist of a least one double or triple bond between them. Examples of olefins are propene, octane structure in gasoline etc.