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Paragraph About Children

Last updated date: 14th Jul 2024
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The wealth of a nation is not so much in its economic and natural resources, but it lies more clearly in the kind and quality of the wealth of its children and of his youth. They will be the creators and shapers of the future of a nation.        

Today's children will be adults of tomorrow. Their quality and personality will determine the kind of destiny that guides the nation.     

It therefore becomes obligatory for every nation and every society to nurture a strong, healthy and intellectual youth. It is the responsibility of adults to lead youth in the desired direction. The youth of a nation is its powerhouse. They have unlimited reserves of energy, will, ability, zeal, and enthusiasm, and have the power to shape the destiny of the nation. This infinite energy warehouse must be properly molded and must receive proper direction. Young people must practice using their talents to provide appropriate direction. Young people need to be trained to use their talents and abilities constructively and to help build and strengthen the nation.

Without exploiting this vast reservoir of energy, a nation and a society cannot think of developing economically, politically, socially and intellectually. The best way to encourage young people to play such a constructive role is to educate them with appropriate training in the desired direction.

If a society is careless and carefree about its youth and fails to educate them productively, then society may face a destructive and violent youth. The trees and flowers of a garden must be cut to make them beautiful and attractive. Otherwise, the plants and shrubs will break down and spoil the beauty of the garden and will not harvest the proper flowers. Likewise, a child needs to be carved out of his instincts below and trained appropriately to benefit society. If proper and timely attention is not given to grooming young people, it can become out of whack and become unproductive.

For this, society should provide its young people the right kind of education. The education provided must be progressive, in line with the needs of society and must not only create great professionals who excel in their fields but also good human beings. Appropriate facilities and an enabling environment must be taken into account with the improvement and enhancement of creativity. Academics should be taken into account with adequate focus on sports, technical fields and others according to the interests of the students.

The government is also doing a lot to help young people become anchors of tomorrow. It offers many facilities in education, health care, sports, creative areas, etc. But the ever-growing population is canceling the government's efforts. In addition, poverty, illiteracy and belief in superstition also hinder the spread of education for all. Those who are educated fail to get a suitable job. As a result, the crime rate is rising, which is an alarming situation for any society.