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One who studies the ancient objects, finds remains of buildings, or places and collects authentic facts is called_______
A. A Biologist
B. An Archaeologist
C. A Dermatologist
D. An Aerologist

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: History is the study of the past. By looking at the things from the past like paper, books, pottery, human and animal remains, people, get to know what happened during that time.

Complete answer: A person who studies the ancient object, finds remains of buildings or places and collects authentic facts is called an Archaeologist. The study of the human past is called Archeology. The remains like pottery, tools, coins and books are studied in order to study past events. Archaeologists use the evidence to deduce how people lived their lives.
Looking at the options:
Option A: A Biologist is a person who studies Biology, the functioning of human life. Therefore this is incorrect.
Option B: An Archaeologist studies historical remains like ancient buildings, places etc to study about the past. Hence this is the correct answer.
Option C: A Dermatologist is a doctor who is specialized in treating skin problems. Therefore this is incorrect.
Option D: An Aerologist studies the atmosphere. Hence this is incorrect.
Option B is the right answer.

Note: Archaeologists have to do a lot of fieldwork in order to find remains and study them. The different types of archaeology are Marine Archaeology, Ice-patch Archaeology, Historical Archaeology, experimental Archeology. Governments in many countries protect the archaeological sites in order to save them from being destroyed and so that visitors can come and see them.