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Number of bones in face is
A. $12$
B. $30$
C. $40$
D. $14$

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Hint: Facial bone protects the brain and supports the structure of the face.
It is the framework of the skull.

Complete Answer:
The facial skeleton comprises facial bones which build the framework of the skull. The facial bones are also called membranous viscerocranium.The total number of bones in an adult human face is $14$. They are:
(I) Inferior nasal concha-$2$: they are the internal bones of the nose and located in the nasal cavity.
(II) Lacrimal bones-$2$:they form the middle wall of the orbit. These are the smallest facial bones.
(III) Mandible-$1$: forms the lower jaw of the mouth.
(IV) Maxilla-$2$: they form the upper jaw of the face.
(V) Nasal bones-$2$: they are present in the midline of the face and fuse to form the bridge of the nose.
(VI) Palatine bones-$2$: they fuse to form the palatine which is located at the back of the nasal cavity and forms the roof of the mouth.
(VII) Vomer-$1$: it is a small bone in the nasal cavity which forms the nasal septum.
(VIII) Zygomatic bones-$2$: these bones form the cheeks.

Hence, the correct answer is (D) $14$ .

Note: The facial skeleton is composed of dermal bone which is mesodermal in origin.
The adult human skull consists of two regions of different embryological origin. These are neurocranium(protective shell of brain) and viscerocranium(support the face).
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