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Name the basic component of an electric circuit.

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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Hint: An electrical circuit is a form of network which allows the flow of electrons through it. There are two types of circuit majorly the open and the closed. There are many components which can be added to the circuit, however the most basic or simple circuits consist of the following parts.

Complete step-by-step solution:
We know that the motion of electrons results in electricity, which is a very useful and powerful application of science. The path along which the electrons flow is called the circuit of the system.
The most basic circuit has four major components, namely the source, connecting wires, load and a switch.
The source or the cell is where the electrons start , travel along the wires to reach the load to provide electrical energy.
The connecting wires act as a path in directing the motion of electrons.
The load or the resistance, can be a simple bulb which uses the electrical energy to do some work.
The switch acts as a gap which when closed allows the electrons to flow and when open hinders the path of electrons. This is majorly used to control the flow of electrons

Note: A closed circuit is where the electrons starting from the source travels along the wires and comes back to the source again. This can also be called as a complete circuit, since the path along which the electrons travel is closed. However in an open circuit, there are gaps in the circuit which disturb or hinder the motion of electrons.