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Name some institutions that are part of the government.

Last updated date: 25th Jul 2024
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Hint: Any agency created or operated by the federal government, a state government, a local government or municipality, including but not limited to a higher education institution or a public higher education research institution, is referred to as a public institution.

Complete answer:
Government is an agency tasked with enacting and implementing society's laws, as well as monitoring relations with other societies. Political institutions are government bodies that develop, pass, and implement legislation. They also mediate conflicts, develop (governmental) economic and social system policies, and represent the public in other ways. A public institution is a government organisation that achieves essential regime values, allowing people to be successful and providing them with fundamental information.

Some of the institutions that are a part of the government are as follows:
- All India Institute of Medical Science, Indian Diamond Institute, Film and Television Institute of India, National Power Training Institute, Indian Institute of Coal Management, Reserve Bank of India, Railway, and Petroleum.

Note: Some duties that are formed by the government institutions are given below:
- Help in income generation.
- Accelerate the pace of Capital Formation in the country.
- Generation of Employment opportunities for the people of the country.
- Establishment of Infrastructure facilities such as roads, railways, etc.
- Building a solid industrial foundation.
- Promoting Import Substitution and help in facilitating Export Promotion by providing incentives and subsidies.
- Contribution to the Central Treasury.
- Examining Income and Wealth Concentration to remove the income inequalities in the country.