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A.Two underground sources of water?
B.Two natural water sources?
C.Two surface water sources?

Last updated date: 12th Jul 2024
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Hint: To solve this question, we need to know the meaning of each of these terms. Water can be classified on the basis of their source. This means water can be present at different locations like on the surface, below the surface.

Complete answer:
Water can also be classified into two more categories i.e. Natural and artificial.
A.Underground water or simply groundwater can be defined as the water present beneath the surface of the earth. It is the water present in the pores, spaces between the rocks, sand and soil. It slowly keeps on filtering down the rocks.
Example of two underground source of water is:
Well water
Spring water
B.Natural water is the water present naturally on the earth. It is not created by human activities.
Example of two natural water source is:
C.Surface water can be defined as the water present on the surface of earth.
Example of two surface water source is:
River water

 There are some doubts regarding the purity of the spring water. It is often questioned whether the spring water is safe for drinking or not. But according to the EPA, spring water is more pure than the water stored in the faucet. So spring water is safe for drinking. But keep in mind the purity of water also depends from locality to locality.