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Munnabhai had 4 crates, with 24 eggs in each crate costing Rs. 4.50 per egg. On his bicycle cycling to his shop with three crates he went over a big pothole. On reaching his shop he found that 33 eggs were broken. If he sold the remaining eggs at 6.00 each, what loss per cent did he suffer?

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Hint: In the above question you have calculated the loss percentage that Munnabhai suffered due to broken eggs. For solving this problem you have to first calculate the total cost price that he paid to purchase all the eggs and then you need to find the total selling price of the remaining egg. After this, apply the formula for loss percentage. So let us see how we can solve this problem.

Step by step solution:
It is given that there are 4 crates with 24 eggs in each crate. So the total number of eggs in 4 crates = 24 x 4 = 96 eggs.
The cost price of each egg is Rs. 4.50. So for 96 eggs, the total cost price will be
= Rs. (96 x 4.50)
= Rs. 432
After reaching the shop he found that 33 eggs were broken. So remaining eggs = 96 – 33 = 63.
It is given that the remaining eggs were sold at Rs. 6.00 each. So the total selling price for the remaining 63 eggs at Rs. 6.00 each is
= Rs. (63 x 6.00)
= Rs. 378
By applying the formula of loss percentage, $Loss\% = \dfrac{{CP - SP}}{{CP}} \times 100$ , where CP is cost price and SP is selling price.
 $\Rightarrow Loss%=\dfrac{432-378}{432}\times 100$
 $= 12.5\%$

Therefore, the total loss percent is 12.5%

In the above solution while calculating loss %, we put the numerator as CP – SP because whenever the cost price is greater than selling price then it is a loss. Also, we multiplied $\dfrac{{432 - 378}}{{432}}$ with 100 because we needed to calculate the loss percentage. When SP is greater than CP there is a profit.