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Mr. Khan went to a stationary shop and bought a dozen pencils at Rs. $$2.00$$ each, $4$ erasers at Rs. $3.00$ each. $7$ notebook at Rs. $24$ each, $6$ pen at Rs. $10$ each and $1$clipboard for Rs. $45.$ What is the total amount on the bill?

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Hint: Here we will first find the price of the individual stationary such as pencils, pen, eraser, notebook and notebook by multiplying the price and the respective quantity. Final and last step is to do the sum of all the prices for the bill amount. Use basic mathematical operations such as addition and multiplication carefully.

Complete step-by-step answer:
Brought dozen pencils at Rs. $$2.00$$ each, (one Dozen is equal to twelve units)
$\therefore 12 \times 2 = 24{\text{ }}........{\text{(a)}}$
Brought $4$ erasers at Rs. $3.00$ each,
$\therefore 4 \times 3 = 12{\text{ }}..........{\text{(b)}}$
Brought $7$ notebook at Rs. $24$ each,
$\therefore 7 \times 24 = 168{\text{ }}........{\text{(c)}}$
Brought $6$ pen at Rs. $10$ each,
$\therefore 6 \times 10 = 60\;{\text{ }}........{\text{(d)}}$
 Brought $1$clipboard at Rs. $45$
$\therefore 1 \times 45 = 45\;{\text{ }}........{\text{(e)}}$
Now, the total bill amount is equal to the sum of all the prices of the total price of pencils, erasers, pen, notebook and clipboard.
Therefore, adding equations – (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e)
Therefore the total amount is
  & = 24 + 12 + 168 + 60 + 45 \cr
  & = 309 \cr} $
Hence, the total bill amount at the stationary shop is Rs. $309$

Note: Be careful while using basic mathematical operations such as multiplication and addition to solve these types of word problems. The same given problem can be solved by direct method. Such as to get the answer and the total amount is equal to ax+by+cz
Where – a, b and c are the quantity of any product and
X, y and z are the respective prices of the product a, b and c