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What is the most important factor in the success of the animal population?
A. Natality
B. Adaptability
C. Unlimited food
D. Interspecies activity

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: The most important factor to judge the success of any animal population can be found by studying the relationship between the various given factors. It is often seen that the sole factor contributing to success is the one which is independent of all the other factors or others are in some way or the other dependent on this factor.

Complete step by step answer: The most important factor for the success of the animal population on the earth is their ability to adapt to a given environment or show adaptability. Animals through sexual reproduction give rise to variations and these variations, in turn, make them naturally selected as compared to the other organisms. This natural selection ultimately makes them adapt to a particular environment and flourish there. The resources are always limited in a natural ecosystem and the availability of unlimited resources leads to stagnant growth, and then no natural selection is seen because of the absence of variations.
Hence, the correct option is (B), Adaptability.

Note:It is to be noted that the presence of interspecies activities in an ecosystem is a property that gives rise to variations, which is followed by natural selection. Adaptability is a result of natural selection is therefore considered to be the most important factor.