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Mention the advantages of using antioxidants and colorants in food processing.

Last updated date: 22nd Feb 2024
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Hint: Antioxidants help in the prevention or slow damage of the cells which is caused by the free radicals. Colorants are the other type of food additive that gives colors when added to food or drink.

Complete answer:
Advantages of colorants in food processing:
-For the food manufacturers and the consumers in determining the acceptability of the processed food colorants is used as an additive for food and drink.
-Color also assists in ensuring the batch to batch uniformity for the manufacturer. It also reinforces the colorants that are already present but less intensive than the consumer would expect.
-The colorants also help to restore the original appearance of the food whose natural color has been reduced by the processing treatment. Colors provide appealing and readily identifiable products.
-It is not permitted to color the fresh foods. Colouring is only used for the processed food that has no color of its own.
-At very early stages in the food processing colorant is added.Therefore the colorant which is used must be stable on heating, cooling, acid, or oxygen.
-Artificial color is also referred to as food dyes or coal tar dyes.
-The natural color is very expensive and they are less stable and they possess lower tinctorial power.
-The current which is used should be taken from the same host material and made in the same manner as dried powdered beadlets, which increase the ease of use in a food product.

Advantages of antioxidants in food processing:
-Antioxidants are the most important food additives used in food processing. They inhibit the development of oxidative rancidity in fat-based food. Mostly in meat and dairy products and also in fried foods.
-Antioxidants can be both natural and synthetic. They both have very important wide applications in the food industry because they are used as food additives in fat and oils and help them to increase shelf life and also the appearance of many food products.
-Antioxidants used in the food processing industry block the oxidation process to enhance the flavor of the food. It also enhances the aroma and color of the food.
-Many various types of antioxidants used in the food industry for preservation and extending the shelf life of the food.

Note: -Food additives are those substances when added to food it maintains or improves the freshness, taste, texture, or appearance of the food.
-In fruits, vegetables, and juices antioxidants are used to increase their shelf life.
-To restore the original appearance of the food, colorants are used. It is mainly used in those food products whose natural color has been reduced by food processing.