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Mehek spent $7\% $ of her income on her children's education, invested $20\% $ in mutual funds, deposited $13\% $ in the bank and used $35\% $ for her daily expenses. She was left with a balance of $15000$. What was her actual income?

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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Hint: Since mehek spends so many amounts which are $7\% $ for children's education, $20\% $ in mutual funds, And also, two others, $13\% $ in bank deposits, and finally $35\% $ for her daily expenses. Thus, in total she spent exactly spended $75\% $ totally and had the balance of $15000$ only. We need to find the total amount that she has.

Complete step-by-step solution:
To find the total amount first we need to find the how many percent of amount does she has; to find this we need to calculate spended amount which are for children, mutual funds, bank deposited, and her daily use respectively as seven percent, twenty percent, thirteen percent, and for her daily use thirty five percent and hence adding all these we get $(7 + 20 + 13 + 35)\% = 75\% $ that she has already spended with this information we can find now much percent does she left the cash with
Thus, hundred percent is the overall percent and subtracts the finded percent we get $100\% - 75\% = 25\% $ is the amount that she left with and which is a balance of $15000$.
Hence $25\% $ is the balance of $15000$that means $25\% $ times of four gives the overall $100\% $ also we can able to find the overall cash; hence $15000 \times 4 = 60000$is the total cash that she has before all the spended money and that is her actual income.

Note: Since we find the solution from spended cash to overall what she has. And the overall cash is sixty thousand at the overall percent $100\% $. Hence, she spent $75\% $which means $45000$ she spended for the four types of works. ($100 - 25 = 75\% $). We could write the given information in mathematical form as:
Let the total income be x ,since he spent 75% of her income and left with 25% which is 15000. So,
$x\times 25\%=15000$
$\Rightarrow x\times \dfrac{25}{100}=15000$
Further this will be
$\Rightarrow x=15000\times 4 =60000$
Hence 60000 is her total income.