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Last updated date: 23rd Nov 2023
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MVSAT Dec 2023

What is meant by 'shramdaan'?
A)Voluntary contribution of labour
B)Voluntary contribution of money
C)Voluntary contribution of blood
D)Voluntary contribution of meal

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Hint: There is a new culture brewing in India i.e. to contribute your time and effort towards society welfare and development.

Complete answer:
'Shramdaan' means voluntary contribution of labour.

Shramdaan is made of two words, ‘Shram’ means labour and ‘daan’ means donation. It means a voluntary contribution of people towards community welfare involving any physical activity that needs physical effort. It is a way of helping our society and contributing to protect our environment. It consists of many activities like construction of temples or NGOs (Non-Profit Organisations), cleaning of office areas, beaches, residential colonies and public places such as cleaning of drains, public toilets, waste collection drives, and awareness campaigns.

The idea of ‘Shramdaan’ has been prevalent for a long time in India. It is also linked to dignity of labour and the intense claim that all labours are equally important. Mahatma Gandhi was of the opinion that cleanliness is not the only important thing but a social order based on equal status is the prominent thing of Shramdaan. Religious harmony, equality of all religions and the acceptance of diversity in community are the basis for Shramdaan activities.

Hence, the correct answer is option (A)

Note: Shramdaan is the social service within the sections of society and community for development. It is necessary for the wholesome development of a person, a section or a whole society. Its activities encourage people to live in a hygienic environment. It induces simplicity in the minds of every citizen, freedom from the complexity of the thoughts and the importance of cleanliness and green environment.