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What do you mean by the ozone hole? What are its consequences?

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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The term ozone hole is about atmospheric depletion. Ozone is a gas layer that is present in the upper atmospheric layer i.e. stratosphere. It acts as a protective layer to the earth and prevents some hazardous sun rays from entering the inner layer of the atmosphere.

Complete answer:
Ozone holes can be termed as the depletion of the ozone layer which is present in the upper atmosphere i.e. stratosphere at the polar region of earth. The ozone hole doesn’t stop the radiation which is harmful to living things on earth and causes harmful effects such as health problems like skin cancer and eye damages. Ozone present in the stratosphere is formed by the sun’s ultraviolet radiation on oxygen molecules. The actual formation of ozone is at the tropical latitude, but due to large scale air circulation patterns in the lower part of the stratosphere move ozone towards the poles where the ozone concentration rises.
The polar stratospheric clouds form up the conditions for the tremendous ozone depletion and provide a surface for the chlorine to change into an ozone-destroying form. Scientists found out that the depletion of the ozone layer was due to many chemical concentrations increase in the stratosphere. The chemicals like chlorofluorocarbon or CFC and some halogen-containing gases are the main reason for depletion as they can remain in the atmosphere for decades forming an ozone hole.
Consequences of ozone hole:
1) Ozone holes cause the increased harmful UV radiation on the earth’s surface which is harmful to living things.
2) There are effects like skin cancer, eye problems, and some immune deficiency disorders.
3) UV radiation also affects the plant’s biosynthesis process and can affect the terrestrial food ecosystem.
4) The aquatic life just below the sea surface is also very much affected by UV radiation and can have a negative effect on the total seafood ecosystem.

The ozone layer is a very important protective layer. One needs to understand that it is formed in the troposphere and then it is shifted to the stratosphere due to many movements of air. Ozone is formed due to the action of UV rays on oxygen molecules.