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What do you mean by poaching of animals?

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Poaching is an illegal activity. It is made illegal in many countries as it causes threat to animals. The animals are poached for their rare product such as ivory, fur, tusks, horns etc. Many animals have become endangered due to poaching.

Complete answer:
Poaching is defined as an illegal killing of wild animals for their meat, recreation or the rare products obtained from them. The products include fur, hides, ivory, horns etc.
Some animals that are poached are woolly mammoth for their fur, tigers for their kin, deer for the skin and horns, elephants for the tusks, crocodile for their skin, rhinos, leopards etc. These naturally occurring products have very high demand and the poachers make a good amount of money by selling these products.

Causes of poaching- Poaching is done for food, money, religion, pleasure. The lack of enforcement acts which are difficult to regulate is one of the main reasons for the occurrence of hunting and killing.
Effect of poaching- Due to illegal hunting and poaching the number of the animals have declined significantly. Some of the animals like tigers, rhinoceros have become endangered due to illegal killing. The indirect effect of poaching is it is disturbing the ecological balance of nature and disrupting the food chain.

Note: The wild life sanctuaries are the protected areas that have been set up by the state and national government to prevent the hunting and poaching of animals. The wildlife sanctuaries are the places where the animals are protected in their natural habitat. Strict regulations and actions have been enforced to stop poaching of animals.