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What do you mean by electrostatic shielding?

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Hint: Let us use the property which says that the electrostatic shielding inside the conductor is zero that’s why we place a high electric field inside the conductor.

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As we know that the objects which conduct electricity are known as conductors.

And, electrostatic shielding is defined as a phenomenon that is seen when a Faraday cage is used to block the effects of an electric field. The effects of external fields on the internal contents are blocked using the cage.

And, the Faraday cage is an enclosure (closed structure or block) used to block the external electric fields in conductive materials. It is also known as the Faraday shield.

An electric field is the region around a charged particle or object within which a force would be exerted on other charged particles or objects.

Note: And we know that the electrostatic shielding of inside the conductor is zero that’ s why it is always advisable that when lighting struck we should be inside a bus or car, this is because car & buses are conductors which stops the electric field, i.e. there is no electric field inside them and that's how we can be saved from thunder.