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Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer from the codes given below the lists:

List 1List 2
A) Land of rising suni) Korea
B) Land of midnight sunii) Finland
C) Land of thousand lakesiii) Japan
D) Land of thunderboltsiv) Norway
v) Bhutan

A) A-2, B-4, C-1, D-5
B) A-3, B-4, C-2, D-5
C) A-1, B-3, C-2, D-4
D) A-3, B-1, C-4, D-2

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Hint: It is called the land of the rising sun, because it is the first country to witness the sunrise. Apart from the given options, Northern Canada and Northern Alaska are also called the Land of the midnight sun.

Complete answer:
Now let us look into the given options:
A. Land of rising sun – This title is given to the country Japan. This is because the earth rotates towards the east or towards Japan. Due to this, Japan is the first country where the sun rises. (3)
B. Land of midnight sun – The midnight sun is a natural phenomenon in which the sun remains visible at midnight during the summer season, just above the horizon (at very low heights). This is witnessed in the arctic regions, such as Northern Alaska, Northern Canada and Norway. (4)
C. Land of thousand lakes – The country, Finland, is nicknamed as the land of thousand lakes. This is because it has around 188,000 lakes. They can be seen as dotted patches of water in huge forested areas. The largest lake in Finland is the Sur Saimaa, and is 4400 square kilometers in area. (2)
D. Land of thunderbolts – This title is given to Bhutan, due to the extreme and large thunderstorms which wash past the valleys of the Himalayas. (5)

- The Land of Rising Sun is Japan.
- The Land of Midnight Sun is Norway.
- The Land of Thousand Lakes is Finland.
- The Land of Thunderbolts is Bhutan.

Thus, the correct answer is Option (B) A-3, B-4, C-2, D-5.

Note: The sparkling light of the thunder bolts in Bhutan were believed to be the red fire of a dragon. This Bhutanese methodological dragon became the national symbol of Bhutan long before the establishment of government in 1907, and is known as the ‘Durk.’