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Manju’s weight is 14% more than Anju’s weight. If Anju’s weight is 63 kg, find Manju’s weight.

Last updated date: 21st Jun 2024
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Hint: We first try to find the relation between two given weight values through the percentage relation. We take two variables and form the relation for those variables. Then we place the value of Anju’s weight and the percentage in that equation to find the weight of Manju.

Complete step-by-step solution:
It’s given that Manju’s weight is 14% more than Anju’s weight. The weight of Anju is 63 kg.
If a number y is m% greater than the number x then we can say that $y=x\left( 1+\dfrac{m}{100} \right)$.
We can apply the same formula for the given relation where Manju’s weight is 14% greater than Anju’s weight which is 63.
So, Manju’s weight will be $63\left( 1+\dfrac{14}{100} \right)=\dfrac{63\times 114}{100}=71.82$ kg.
Therefore, the weight of Manju is 71.82 kg.

Note: We also could have used a variable as the weight of Manju. Let that be p. We find that Manju’s weight is $\left( p-63 \right)$ kg greater than Anju’s weight. Now we find the percentage which is \[\dfrac{\left( p-63 \right)}{63}\times 100\] and that will be equal to 14. So, the equation becomes \[\dfrac{\left( p-63 \right)}{63}\times 100=14\]. We solve the equation to get the value of p. We also can use the concept of 100 to find that with respect to that age of Anju, Manju’s weight will be $100+14=114$. So, for Anju’s weight of 63 kg, Manju’s weight will be $\dfrac{63\times 114}{100}=71.82$.