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What is the main occupation in rural areas?
A. Agriculture
B. Manufacturing
C. Pharmacy
D. Financial service

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Areas that are no towns or villages are rural areas. Sometimes they are agriculture or rural fields. These regions are often referred to as the country or countryside.

Complete Answer:
People living in rural areas are mainly dependent on agriculture. It is the Indian economy's prime and primary market. In India, the number of people who rely on agriculture is the largest. Agriculture is the traditional profession in India. Agriculture is the country's backbone. When agriculture was the country's backbone, India was considered a self-sustainable country. When European traders came to India in the nineteenth century, Indian spices were also exported to various countries of the world during that period, and farmers in southern India were encouraged and strengthened to cultivate these crops. It is one of the main export products from India to date. Under globalization, farmers in India were subjected to new threats and tasks, mainly after 1990. Despite becoming a large and major producer of maize, cotton, rubber, tea, coffee, jute, and spices, because of heavily subsidized agriculture in other foreign countries, our agricultural goods are unable to compete with developing countries. Today Indian farming is at a crossroads. In order to make agriculture competitive and productive, the improvement of the situation of marginal and small farmers should be given adequate and significant impetus.
So, the correct answer is Option A.

Note: People are now interested in the latest wave in agriculture. The main driver for growth in wages and earnings. Plantation farming for farmers plays a key role in growth. Plantation agriculture falls into the Industrial Agriculture division. Commercial farming focuses mostly on commercial crops that in exchange, generate a decent amount of benefit and can be cultivated in all seasons.