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How long did the Civil Disobedience Movement last?
A. From 1931-1935
B. From 1929-1935
C. From 1942-1947
D. From 1930-1934.

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: The Civil Disobedience movement was started by Mahatma Gandhi with his Dandi March. This march was undertaken in order to defy the British salt law. The movement began with the salt march which is also known as the Dandi march to protest against the British monopoly over salt. With this began the Civil Disobedience movement in India. The salt law of the British prohibited Indians from collecting or selling salt which is an important ingredient of every food.

Complete answer: The first Civil Disobedience movement in India was started by Mahatma Gandhi on 12th March 1930 and ended on 7th April 1934. The salt act of Britain prohibited Indians from making their own salt. Gandhi protested against this and started the satyagraha. On 12th March he started with a gathering of 78 people from his Sabarmati Ashram to Dandi which is on the coast of the Arabian sea. On his way, he communicated with a large crowd who joined him on the march. Thousands of others followed him. When Gandhi reached Dandi, the crowd consisted of ten thousand people. Civil Disobedience spread across India. Women played a very important role in this movement. It was the first time they were coming out of their homes to fight for the independence of the nation.
Option D is the right answer.

Note: As the Civil Disobedience spread across the nation, the British authorities began arresting people. Over 60,000 people were arrested. Women picketed liquor stores and burnt foreign clothes. The cry of ‘swadeshi’ had filled the country.