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What is the literal meaning of algebra?
A. Science of restoration
B. Unknown quantities
C. Power and equation
D. Reunion of broken parts

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Hint: In order to define the literal meaning of algebra, we have first to know from where the word algebra came from, what is the history behind the evolution of algebra. Then write the literal meaning of word algebra.

Complete step-by-step answer:
The first use of algebra was d0ne by ancient Babylonians.
The word Algebra comes from Arabic words al-jabr which literally means “reunion of broken parts from the title of book ilm al-jabr wa – i- muquabala.
The Persian mathematician and astronomer al-Khwarizmi explained the term as “the science of restoring and balancing”. According to him ai-jabr referred to the operation of moving a term from one side of an equation to another, al-muquabala, balancing referred to adding equal terms to both sides.
In medieval time the meaning of algebra referred to the surgical procedure of setting broken or dislocated bones.
In general algebra is the study of mathematical symbols and the rule for manipulating these symbols. It includes everything from elementary equation solving to the study of mathematics, science, engineering as well as such application as medicine and economics.
Hence, we cannot define the word algebra in one line as its scope is very vast. So as per question if we want to write the literal meaning of algebra, we can write it is science of restoration, science of unknown quantity, science of power and equation and mere important reunion of broken parts.
Hence in the context of the question all options are correct.

Note: A mathematician who does research in algebra is called an algebraist. In India one of the great Indian mathematicians Brahmgupta wrote his work in his book “Brahmasphutasiddhanta” in which he first completed an arithmetic solution to a quadratic solution.

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