What is the line of reflection for this pentagon?


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Hint: For this type of question, first find the points that exactly divides the given pentagon
In the mirror image. At last draw the line through the points and find out which option is correct or suitable for the line.

Complete step-by-step answer:
To solve this question, first observe the figure that how can we divide the given pentagon in two mirror images.
If we are taking the X-axis, then what we saw that most of the part of pentagon has above the X-axis, then it’s not possible to take as a line of reflection.
Now if we take Y-axis then what we observe on the right part of the axis is exactly the same as the left part, we can say like that Y-axis divides the pentagon in two mirror images.
Now by the definition of line of symmetry or reflection- there exists at least one line that divides a figure into two halves such that one half is the mirror image of the second half.
So that Y-axis is the line of symmetry for the given pentagon.
Hence option C is the correct.

Additional information:
A figure can have one or more lines of reflection symmetry.
The line of symmetry can be in any direction.

Note: In such types of problems, the concept of line of symmetry should be well cleared otherwise students make mistakes in such simple problems. We can find the line of symmetry by folding the figure, so that the two parts of the figure will coincide.