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Kirti bookstore sold books worth \[Rs. 285891\] in the first week of June and books worth $Rs. 400768$ in the second week of the month. How much was the sale for the two weeks together? In which week was the sale greater and by how much?

Last updated date: 15th Jul 2024
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Hint: To find the total sale we just need to combine the sale of both the weeks and to find by how much one sale was compared to another sale, we have to find the difference of the two.

Complete step by step solution:
Value of books sold in first week\[ = Rs. 285891\]
Value of books sold in second week$ = Rs. 400768$
Total sale of books$ = $ Sale in first week$ + $ Sale in second week$
= Rs. 285891 + Rs. 400768 
= Rs. 686659 
Hence, the sale for two weeks together was $Rs. 686659$.

Since $Rs. 400768 gt; Rs. 285891$, sales in the second week were greater than the sales in the first week.
$ \Rightarrow Rs. 400768 - Rs. 285891 = Rs. 114877$
Hence, the sale in the second week was greater than the first week by $ Rs.114877 $.

Note: For finding the net sale we have just combined the sales of two weeks i.e. we have simply added the two given values and in the second case to find out the greater one of the two, we have compared the two sales, and subtracted the two sales given to find out by how much the greater sale was compared to the smaller sale.