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When King George V and Queen of England Visited India a Magnificent darbar was held at?
A. Calcutta
B. Delhi
C. Bombay
D. Madras

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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Hint: Durbars were held to mark the succession of a ruler so this visit was to mark the succession of King George V and later on India was assigned a new capital.

Complete answer:
When King George V and Queen of India Visited India a Magnificent durbar was held at Delhi and it is known as Delhi Durbar or Imperial Durbar. The Durbar in Delhi were held thrice in India, i.e in 1877, 1903, and 1911. George- V, and Queen of India visited the Durbar in 1911. It was done to mark the succession of an emperor or an empress.

Additional Information:
The Delhi Durbars were great occasions coordinated by the Viceroys to stamp the crowning ordinances of Emperors and Empresses. Consequently, these were otherwise called coronation Durbars. Durbar which implies a court of a ruler in Persian was adopted by the British from the Mughals. The idea was to come across the people of India as the heirs of the Mughals. In 1910, King Edward VII had died, and his son George V ascended to the throne. He and Queen Mary were crowned at Westminster Abbey on June 22, 1911. Five months after the fact, the imperial couple went to India to go to the Delhi Durbar, a function broadcasting them as sovereign and ruler of India. The Durbar was a lavish gathering of around 250,000 individuals. The ruling princes and nobility and thousands more came to pay deference to the English lord and sovereign. At the service, it was surprisingly declared that the capital of India would be moved from Calcutta to Delhi.

Hence, B) is the correct answer.

Note: The Emperor and Empress reached Delhi on 7th December, 1911. Their arrival was a glorious one with bands playing at the station and a salute of 101 guns was given.