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Jalgaon, Bhusawal, Akola, Amrawati and Nagpur lie serially on a certain route. The distances between Akola and other places are given below. Use them to make word problems and solve the problems.
Amravati – 95Km, Bhusawal – 154Km
Nagpur – 249km, Jalgaon – 181Km.
Consider the following word problems.
1. What is the distance between Bhusawal and Amravati?
2. Which is farthest from Akola.

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Hint: To solve these kinds of problems where a lot of data is given you should first try to draw a diagram through which you can easily understand the problem. After drawing the diagram we will move to the given word problems that we will calculate the distance asked in the problem with the help of the diagram we drew.

Complete step by step answer:
First of all to solve this problem we will present the given data into the diagrammatic form,
We are given the Akola as the reference point so we will also draw the diagram by taking it as reference, so we get diagram as,
seo images

In this diagram all the distances are mentioned with respect from the location Akola,
So now we will move to the given word problems,
According to the first word problem we have to find the distance between Bhusawal and Amravati,
As we can clearly see from the diagram that Akola lies in between the Bhusawal and Amravati,
So distance between Bhusawal and Amravati will be given as,
= distance between Bhusawal and Akola + distance between Akola and Amravati
= 154 Km + 95 Km
= 249 Km
Now second word problem is that we have to find the farthest place from Akola,
So to find this we have to find the place which has maximum distance from the Akola,
From the diagram we can clearly see that Nagpur is at maximum distance from Akola with the distance of 249Km. hence we get our answer as Nagpur for this part.

Note: You can form many word problems for these questions and can try it yourself for your better practice. And always try to draw a figure or diagram first in these types of problems where a lot of data is given in the problem, and then solve those word problems with the help of that diagram.