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India highest waterfall is located in i.e jog fall is located in
(A) Maharashtra
(B) madhya pradesh
(C) Himachal pradesh
(D) karnataka

Last updated date: 23rd Feb 2024
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Hint: Jog waterfall is the third highest waterfall located in is a waterfall created by Sharavati with a height of about 253mt.

Complete answer :
A waterfall is an area where water flows over a vertical drop or a series of steep drops in a course of a river. Waterfall are formed generally in the upper course of the river.where lakes fall into steep mountains.waterfalls are generally formed when there is an alternate band of hard and soft rocks.IN such case soft rock erodes quickly than hard rock.THis lead to formation of waterfalls.there are several waterfall in india like Dudhsagar falls,Nohkalikai falls,jog falls etc.jog fall is third highest fall in India after Dudhsagar and nohkalikai.this waterfall is created on sharavathi river with height of about 253mt.The width of the fall is about 472 mt.The power station has been operational since 1948 and is of 120MW capacity,this is largest hydroelectric station in India.This power station was previously named KRISHNA RAJENDRA hydroelectric project.This waterfall are the major attraction for tourists and ranked 13th in world by waterfall database

This waterfall is one of the largest producers of hydroelectric power in india. Jog falls attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world and has become an important tourist place in Karnataka
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