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What would increase the possibility of poor health in our living places?

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Health is defined as not just the absence of disease but the complete well-being in terms of physical, mental, and social abilities. Healthy people would result in a healthy community that has better productivity and economic prosperity.

Complete Answer:
The possibility of poor health can be increased by several things such as:
- Improper diet: A balanced diet with all nutrients is very important. Deficiency of any one of the nutrients can lead to diseases like Kwashiorkor and marasmus which occur due to protein deficiency.
- Improper waste disposal: Waste is the breeding ground for pathogens and their vectors. It needs to be properly disposed of to prevent any spread of diseases.
- Lack of personal hygiene: Personal hygiene matters a lot because a person comes in contact with countless pathogens in a day, in order to prevent them from infecting the person, one needs to keep himself clean.
- Lack of exercise: Lack of pathogens renders a person’s immune system weak thus increasing the chances of infection.
- Lack of awareness: Awareness about diseases and how they spread along with proper vaccination against the disease helps improve the health of people.
- Pollution: Pollution of air, water, and land lead to many new diseases such as asthma due to air pollution, blue baby syndrome due to water pollution.

- In the absence of good health or during poor health, we see the appearance of diseases.
- A person is said to have a disease when one or more organs of the body are adversely affected along with the appearance of various signs and symptoms.
- On the basis of transmission, diseases are divided into two types known as infectious and non- infectious diseases.
- Infectious diseases are transmitted from one person to another very easily like the common cold whereas diseases like cancer and alcoholism come under non- infectious diseases.