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In which session Congress demanded Purna Swaraj?

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Congress was formed by AO Hume and popular Nationalist leaders in the year 1885. It was established as an umbrella organisation or party to monitor all India political activities. Under the leadership of Congress, various movements targeted towards freedom of India were launched and mass participation was ensured. The leaders of Congress were mass leaders having larger appeal and all these factors together contributed towards the freedom of India.

Complete answer: Indian National Congress became the symbol of Nationalist feelings and Indian Independence. The masses started associating themselves with the Congress as their representatives and believed in the leaders of the Congress. The Congress also had popular leaders who were very effective and great and they demanded full independence of India. In line with this, the Indian National Congress demanded full Independence or Purna Swaraj on 19th December 1929 at the Lahore session. Public declaration regarding this resolution of Purna Swaraj was made by the Indian National Congress on 26 January 1930. In those times this day was celebrated as the Independence Day leaders of Indian National Congress and they urged the public to do the same. In the present time, this day of 26 January is celebrated as the Republic Day as the constitution of India was enacted on this day due to this reason. Thus, in the Lahore session of Congress, Purna Swaraj was demanded.

Note: There are some controversies on the origin of Indian National Congress and therefore various experts and historians have given theories, such as the safety valve theory according to which Indian National Congress was established by the Britishers to control and regulate the rising Nationalist sentiments among the Indian masses.