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In what scale is the denary number 182 denoted by 222?

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Hint: Mathematics includes the study of topics which are related to quantity, structure , space and change. For solving this problem, we must know the concept of denary numbers. It includes the base 10 numbers in the number system. So, we have to express 182 scaled to 222 by using this definition.

Complete step by step answer:
Mathematics is related to all the phenomena occurring in the world. As per the question, we are given number 182. We have to scale it to 222 in denary numbers.
Binary also known as "decimal" or "base 10" is a standard number system. It uses 10 digits starting from 0 to 9 for representing all the numbers possible. For converting a number using a denary system, we must divide the number until we are left with the above specified 10 digits.
Proceeding in the similar manner,
When 182 is divided by 9, it produces a quotient 20 along with a remainder 2. When 20 is divided by 9, it produces a quotient 2 along with remainder 2. When 2 is divided by 9, it produces a quotient 0 along with a remainder 2.
Hence, the base is nine.

Note: The key concept for solving this problem is the knowledge of the denary system. By using this knowledge, we scaled 182 to 222. This concept is useful for solving various complex problems. Students must be careful while performing the division.