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In a test, a student got a mark of 49. His report card showed that he had scored 70 percent. What was the maximum mark on the test?
A. \[60\]
B. \[70\]
C. \[80\]
D. None of these

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Hint: In this question we need to find the maximum mark of the test.
In order to find that we are using the percentage formula
We are assuming a variable for the unknown value of the percentage.
Also, we have given the percentage and value. By using these data, and substituting them on the formula we will get the required result.

Formula used:
Here the formulas which are going use in the problem,
\[{\text{percentage = }}\dfrac{{{\text{value}}}}{{{\text{total value}}}}{{ \times 100}}\]
\[{\text{total value = }}\dfrac{{{\text{value}}}}{{{\text{percentage}}}}{{ \times 100}}\]

Complete step by step answer:
According to the given question, we know that the student had got the marks of \[{\text{49}}\] in a test.
Also, the report card of that student has shown that he had scored \[{\text{70}}\] percent of marks in that test.
In the question, they have mentioned finding the maximum marks of the test.
Let us assume that the maximum mark of the test be \[{\text{x}}\]
Then, we have to construct that \[{{70\% }}\] of maximum mark \[ = 49\]
\[\Rightarrow {{70\% }}\]\[ \times \] Maximum mark \[ = 49\]
Here, we are substituting the \[{\text{x}}\] for maximum marks
\[\Rightarrow \dfrac{{70}}{{100}} \times {\text{x}} = 49\]
Taking the variable as LHS and remaining as RHS, we get
\[\Rightarrow {\text{x}} = \dfrac{{49}}{{70}} \times 100\]
On dividing the term we get,
\[\therefore {\text{x = 70}}\]

$\therefore$ The Maximum marks of the test is \[\;70\].

In this type of question, they may be given with any data, just we need to keep the unknown value as a variable and try to solve the problem.
This makes solving the problem easier. Only we are using the formulas and substitute the given values on them.