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In a hymn in the Rigveda, Vishvamitra used the word, ’sister’ for the two rivers _____ and _____.
A. Ganga, Yamuna
B. Beas, Sutlej
C. Krishna, Kaveri
D. Narmada, Tapti

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Hint: 'Rigveda' is an antiquated Indian strict book. It is considered one of the four hallowed Hindu works, which are called Vedas. It is the world's most seasoned strict composition. The Rigveda has 1,028 hymns and 10,600 sections. Apparatus Veda essentially contains different songs for going to Vedic Gods, for example, Agni (Fire God), Indra (The master of Heavens), Mitra, Varuna (Water God), Surya (Sun God)

Complete step by step answer:
A portion of the hymns in the Rigveda as discourse. This is important for one such hymn, an exchange between a sage named Vishvamitra and two streams, (Beas and Sutlej) that were revered as goddesses. Vishvamitra requested the rivers to give him a path so that they can cross securely. He defined the streams, descended from the mountains like two quick ponies, like two sparkling bovines that lick their calves. They move like chariots to the ocean, through the intensity of Indra. They were brimming with water and wish to join each other. Then river replied they couldn’t halt as they were brimming with water, move along the way the divine beings had made for them. At last, the streams tuned into Vishwamitra’s petitions so that they could cross securely.
So, the correct answer is Option B.

Note: In antiquated India, the Sutlej was known as the Shatadru – which signifies 'streaming in a hundred branches'; the Beas was known as the Vipasha, from 'vipash', which signifies 'without bonds' or 'free'. The streams Sutlej and Beas ascend in the Himalayas and move through the mountains of northern India and Pakistan. They structure two of the five fundamental feeders of the extraordinary stream Indus.