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If the door of a refrigerator is kept open then which of the following is true
A. Room is cooled
B. Room is heated
C. Room is either cooled or heated
D. Room is neither cooled or heated

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Hint: To solve this problem, a refrigerator is a heat engine that extracts heat from a low temperature reservoir and transfers it to high temperatures.

Complete step-by-step answer:
The room was going to get warmer. If you leave the door open, heat is simply recycled into the Refrigerator from the room, then back into the room. A net increase in room temperature would result from the engine heat that would be running constantly to move energy around in a circle.
Hence, the correct answer is option B.
In addition to maintaining the temperature in your refrigerator at 40° F, you should take extra measures to ensure that your refrigerated food remains as healthy as possible. Stop overpacking. Cold air must circulate around the refrigerated food to keep it properly cooled.

Note: The reason for this is that the temperature within the refrigerator will start to rise with the door open.The thermostat will kick in and attempt to cool it down again. This means that the engine is running which means adding heat to the room. Then the room will start heating up.