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If one watch costs Rs. 358.25, what will 27 watches cost?

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: We can use the unitary method here , It says we have the cost price of a single item as $x$ then the cost price of similar $y$ items all together will be $xy$.

Complete step-by-step answer:
According to the given information, we know that cost of one watch is Rs. 358.35 and we have to find the cost of 27 watches
Using the mathematical operation to find the cost of 27 watches and taking 358.35 and 27 as the both operands required for a multiplication operation
As we know that according to the multiplication operation if we have two inputs a and b then the outcome is given as $a \times b = ab$
Taking a = 358.35 and b = 27
Substituting the given values in the above formula we get
 $385.25 \times 27 = 9,672.75$
Therefore, the cost of 27 watches is equal to Rs. 9,672.75.

Note: In the above solution we used the term “operation” which can be explained as a method which includes an operand and an operator such as addition operation, subtraction option, and division operation as in the above solution we used the multiplication operation. The multiplication operation is binary operation are the operations which require more than one operand are called binary operations whereas square and cubic operation unary operations which require only one operand.