If 1 cm represents 5m, what would an area of 6 square cm represent?

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Hint- We know $1c{m^2} = 1cm \times 1cm$, given that $1cm = 5m$. Then we replace $1cm \to 5m$, we get $1cm \times 1cm = 5m \times 5m$. To get the value of 6 square cm, we will replace square cm by square m.
Complete step-by-step answer:
According to question,
It is asking about a 6 square cm area
Given that $1cm = 5m$
We know that $1c{m^2} = 1cm \times 1cm$
So we can write $1c{m^2} = 25{m^2}$.
$\therefore $6 square cm will be equal to 6 times of $1c{m^2}$.
$ \Rightarrow 6 \times 1cm \times 1cm \Rightarrow 6 \times 5m \times 5m$
$ \Rightarrow 150{m^2}$
Hence, we get 6 square cm equals 150 square m.
Note- This question is based on the assumption that if 1 cm is made equal to some other parameter, then the area in square cm will also change. So, we need to keep in mind that the unit will not change, that area will be either square cm or square m only.