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Identify the plural form of the word “process” from the options given below:
a) process
b) processs
c) processes
d) proces

Last updated date: 17th May 2024
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Hint: Process is a noun which means a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end. It tells us about the path or procedures to be followed to reach the final end.

Complete step-by-step answer:

When we change regular singular into plural form by adding -s to the end. If the singular noun ends with -s, -ss, -sh, -ch, -x or -z we add -es at the end to make it plural. Example: truss would have its plural form as trusses.

Process is a singular noun which means to follow a procedure or activity. Process isn't an exception in English grammar and doesn't have it's plural form as process.

Like in case of other English words we get plural form by adding -s but it isn't the case here. Here it will be a deviation from the rules of grammar. Hence processs is wrong option.

Proces isn't a dictionary word and has no meaning, hence will be marked out.

The correct option is processes.

It means to follow multiple procedures at the same time. It also follows rules of grammar as we are adding -es behind the root word to get the plural form of the noun which is ending with -ss.

Note: Try to mark out the meaningless words first and then try to find the most suitable option which satisfies the rules of grammar.
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