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Identify the kind of adjective used in the sentence:
My friend has an Italian car.

a) Adjective of interrogation
b) Adjective of quantity
c) Adjective of origin
d) Adjective of substance

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Hint: The adjective in the given sentence describes the make of the car. It describes where it came from, who made it, etc.

Complete answer:
An adjective is a word naming an attribute of a noun or a noun phrase. For example, ‘the rose is red’, the word ‘red’ is an adjective.
In the given sentence, the adjective is ‘Italian’ as it describes the car.

Now, let’s look at the options one by one:

a) adjective of interrogation: Like all adjectives, interrogative adjectives (also known as interrogative determiners) modify nouns and pronouns. English has three interrogative adjectives: what, which, and whose. They are called “interrogative” because they are usually used to ask questions. In the given sentence, there are no question marks, and no interrogative adjectives. So, this is an incorrect option.
b) adjective of quantity: We can define adjectives of quantity as a word that indicates the amount or estimated amount of the noun or pronoun in the sentence. It does not provide information about exact numbers, it only tells the amount of nouns in relative or whole terms. Some examples of quantitative adjectives are ‘some’, ‘many’, etc. However, in the given sentence, there are no such adjectives. So, this is an incorrect option.
c) adjective of origin: Some adjectives tell you which place or country a person or thing comes from, or belongs to. They are called adjectives of origin. In the given sentence, the adjective tells us where the car is from, i.e. ‘Italian’. So, this is the correct option.
d) adjective of substance: This is not a widely recognized category of adjectives, so, it is not correct. In the given sentence, there is no mention of substances. So, this is an incorrect option.

Identify the adjective in the given sentence. Understand the meaning of the given sentence and use the method of elimination to arrive at the correct answer.