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Identify the compound adjective in the given sentence.
Leena seems to have killed the rat. What a cold-blooded woman!
A. seems to have
B. cold-blooded woman
C. cold-blooded
D. None of the above

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Hint: Adjective is used to describe the quality of a noun. Here in the given sentence quality of woman(noun) is defined using an adjective. A compound adjective is when two or more adjectives are combined to define the qualities of a noun is a compound adjective.

Complete answer:
Option A seems to have an incorrect option because it is a verb and does not fit into an adjective or used to define the qualities of a woman in a given sentence.
Option B is a cold-blooded woman, it is an incorrect option because the woman is a noun, not an adjective; it is a combination of adjectives and nouns.
Option C is cold-blooded, it is the correct option because cold is an adjective and blooded is also an adjective that is combined to describe the qualities of a woman in the given sentence. The qualities of a noun are expressed in the given sentence.
Option D is none of the above, it is an incorrect option because option c is already chosen to be appropriate as a compound adjective for defining qualities of a woman.

Hence, the correct option is C

Compound adjectives should be used in such a way to avoid any confusion or ambiguity. For example, She was performing terribly well in sports competition.
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