Identify and write the like terms in the following group of terms.
\[7p,8pq, - 5pq, - 2p,3p\]

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Hint:The terms having the same variable with same exponents are called like terms. Check the variables and exponents of all the variables. Then the terms with the similar exponents and variables will come under like terms.

Complete step-by-step answer:
Here, the given terms are \[7p,8pq, - 5pq, - 2p,3p\]
Among the given terms we should find the like terms. Initially for that we should consider the terms having same variables as a group
In the given group we have two different variables they are $p{\text{ & }}pq$
Let us group the terms that have $p$ as its variable.
\[7p, - 2p\] and \[3p\] are the terms which have variable $p$.
These three terms are known as terms of variable $p$, since they contain the same variable p to the same power. (The power of p is 1 in all the three terms)
Now let us group all the terms that contain the variable $pq$.
In the given group of variables there are two terms with variable $pq$.
 \[8pq\] and \[ - 5pq\] are the two terms which have the variable $pq$
These two terms are known as terms of variable $pq$, since they contain the same variable p and q to the same power. (The powers of p and q is 1 in both terms)
We have found that the like terms in the given group are \[\left( {7p, - 2p,3p} \right)\] and \[\left( {8pq, - 5pq} \right)\]

Note:We know that like terms are terms that contain the same variables raised to the same exponent (power). Only the numerical coefficients are different.
Constants are always said to be like terms because in every constant term there may be any number of variables which have the exponent zero. Unlike terms are the terms which have different variables and exponents.