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How much is \[168\,cm\] in feet and inches?

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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Hint: Centimetres, feet and inches are measuring units used to measure the length or heights of any object or a person. Centimetres are used to measure short or very short lengths, feet are usually used to measure the height of a building, tower, or a person as in tall objects and inches are used to measure small lengths like length/size of an A4 size sheet etc.
Formula used: \[1foot = 30.48\,cm\]

Complete step-by-step solution:
To convert cm to feet, we must to know the formula:
\[1foot = 30.48\,cm\]
\[1cm = \dfrac{1}{{30.48}}\,foot\]
\[1{\text{ }}cm = 0.0328084{\text{ }}feet\]
To convert centimetres into inches, we have to divide the given unknown value length or height by \[2.54\].
\[1cm = \dfrac{1}{{(2.54)}}\, = 0.393701\,inch\]
Explanation is as follows:
Each inch is equivalent to \[2.54\,cm\]
Therefore, each cm is equal to \[\dfrac{1}{{(2.54)}}\, = 0.393701\,inch\].
Henceforth, \[168\,cm\] are equal to \[168 \times 0.3937 = 66.1416\] inches
As each foot here comprises \[12\,inches\], \[5\,feet\] are equal to \[12 \times 5 = 60\] inches.
and therefore, \[168\,cm\] are equivalent to \[5\,feet\] and \[6.1416\,\,inches\] or doing a round figure we may say \[5\,feet\] and \[6\,inches\].

Note: The above method was very simple, and the question gets solved very quickly. But one thing we should keep in mind here is that we have to convert inches to feet. We need to divide the given value of length by \[12\]. There is not any alternative method to solve this problem so easily.