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How do you write \[39.76\% \] as a decimal?

Last updated date: 19th Jun 2024
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Hint: we need to find the decimal form of \[39.76\% \]. The percentage of the number is obtained by dividing the complete number by the whole of which the number is a part and then multiplying the number by \[100\]. The number obtained must be written with the symbol of \[\% \].

Complete step by step solution:
As we know that the decimal notation of a number is the number written with a point for example \[0.8\], \[0.98,\;8.99\]. To obtain a number in the decimal form, just divide the number by \[100\]. To convert a number to decimal form from percentage notation divide the number by \[100\].
In this question, we have given a percentage that is \[39.76\% \] and we need to write it in decimal form.
To convert the number in percentage form the number is multiplied by \[100\], so to convert the number from percentage to number format just divide the number by \[100\] and then simplify the number.
This is given by,
\[ \Rightarrow 39.76\% = \dfrac{{39.76}}{{100}}\]
In \[\dfrac{{39.76}}{{100}}\], there are two zeroes in the denominator, as this fraction is solved the point in the numerator will be shifted to two places to the left.
This is given by,
\[\therefore \dfrac{{39.76}}{{100}} = 0.3976\]
Here, the number \[39.76\] is in the decimal form, so there is no need to solve it further.

Thus, the decimal form of \[39.76\% \] is \[0.3976\].

As we know that the percentage of notation is used in different types of problems and notation. For example, it is used to calculate money, used to denote the increment or decrement of a quantity as the percentage.