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How do you write $ 3.5\% $ in decimal form?

Last updated date: 20th Jul 2024
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Hint: Here we are given the term in percentage, percentage can be expressed as the fraction upon hundred and then will frame the fraction in the form of decimal form by shifting the point based on the number of zeroes in the denominator.

Complete step-by-step answer:
Take the given expression: $ 3.5\% $
Convert the given percentage form in the form of the fraction upon the hundred.
 $ 3.5\% = \dfrac{{3.5}}{{100}} $
Since we have two zeros in the denominator, shift the decimal point by two digits from the right hand side of the equation to the left hand side of the equation.
 $ 3.5\% = \dfrac{{3.5}}{{100}} = 0.035 $
This is the required solution.
So, the correct answer is “0.035”.

Note: Remember to convert the decimal point in the form of fraction, to convert fraction into decimal, place the decimal number under its place value. For example, for $ \dfrac{4}{{10}} $ the four is in the numerator upon the ten so move one digit from the right hand side of the equation which results in $ 0.4 $ and similarly let us take the other example $ \dfrac{{25}}{{100}} $ as there is hundred in the denominator move two digits after from right hand side of the term which gives value as $ 0.25 $ .