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How do you simplify \[-\left( -8n-6 \right)\] ?

Last updated date: 23rd Jun 2024
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Hint: These types of problems are pretty straight forward and are very simple to solve. This particular problem is a very good demonstration of linear equations. For these sums, what we need to use is something called the distributive property. For the above given problem, we can explain it simply as multiplying \[-1\] throughout the equation. The consequences of such an action will be, the positive sign gets converted to negative sign and the negative sign gets converted to positive sign.

Complete step by step answer:
Now, we start off with the solution of the given problem as,
We simply multiply \[-1\] throughout the equation and we keep in mind to reverse the signs of each and every term of the given equation. The first term of the given equation is \[-8n\] , so on multiplying it with \[-1\] , the sign of this term gets reversed. Since it is negative, on multiplying, it gets converted to a positive sign. It becomes \[8n\] . The second term of the equation is \[-6\] , so on multiplying it with \[-1\] , the sign of this term too gets reversed. Since this is also negative, it gets converted to a positive sign on multiplication of \[-1\] . Thus it becomes \[6\] . Now we finally add the terms that we get on multiplying by \[-1\] . We get,
\[\Rightarrow 8n+6\]
Thus this is basically our answer to the given problem.

Note: For these types of problems, we need to remember the distributive law and how to apply it in different scenarios. We also need to remember about what happens when we multiply an equation with \[-1\] , the sign simply gets reversed. One more thing that we need to be careful of is that, after changing the sign of the individual terms, we need to add them afterwards.