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Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: The traditional storage structures are cheap, eco-friendly, and impart long shelf life to the stored grains. Traditional methods when applied in modern areas could save food commodities that could be damaged by insects.

Complete answer: The grain is a dry hard seed that is harvested for human or animal consumption. Various methods are used for the storage of grains. These methods are primarily based on minimizing grain loss. They are usually stored in airtight containers that protect them from moisture, air, and light. All the containers should be stored in a cool and dry place. Storing the grains in the freezer will increase the shelf life because low temperatures decrease the enzymatic activity which will prevent their loss. They also prevent insect or pest damage to grains. Various traditional storage methods are as follows-
1. Aerial storage
2. Drying floors
3. Open timber platforms
All the methods stated above are short-term storage methods. Long-term storage methods are also used for grain storage which is as follows-
a. Storage baskets or cribs that are made from plant materials
b. Earthenware pots
c. Jars
d. Wall bins
e. Underground storage

Note: When chemical methods are applied to traditional methods then they can be used to store food commodities such as grains. These methods are highly successful and prevent damage by insects but they leave some toxic residues.