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What happens when dried raisins are placed in water and then in sugar solution?

Last updated date: 23rd Jul 2024
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Hint: There can be movement of water from the higher water concentration to the lower water concentration. So, when the raisins are placed in water and in the sugar solution, then there will be movement of water.

Complete answer:
There are many processes studied in chemistry, so when we study the solution or movement of molecules there is a process called osmosis that takes place. When the water or solvent molecules pass through the semipermeable membrane from the higher water concentration to the lower water concentration it is known as osmosis.
When the dried raisins are placed in water, then osmosis occurs. As the dried raisins don't or have a very little amount of water, then the water molecules will penetrate into the dried raisin due to which the raisins will swell up. So, this swelled-up raisin has a high content of water.
Now, this swelled-up raisin is placed in a high concentration of sugar solution. A high concentration of sugar solution has a high amount of sugar and a low amount of water. So, when the swelled-up raisins are placed in a sugar solution, the water from the raisin will move towards the solution and again the osmosis will occur. Due to this, the raisin will shrink. This can be also known as exosmosis.

In osmosis, only the solvent or water molecules can pass not the solute molecules. There are three types of osmosis, i.e., hyposmosis, osmosis, hyperosmosis based on the change in the size of the molecule.