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What happens if forest disappears
A) Climate Change
B) Flood
C) Soil Erosion
D) All of the above

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Forest is the backbone of the environment. It plays a vital role to maintain ecological activity like soil fertility, soil texture, climate type etc.

Complete Answer:
- Nature of climate depends on the type of biomes. Biomes are a large regional unit characterized by major vegetation types and associated fauna. Tundra, Taiga, Temperate forest, Grasslands, Desert, Chaparral and tropical rainforest are some examples of terrestrial biomes. Classification of biome based on rainfall, temperature range, nature of soil, altitude and latitude.
- Disappearance of forest for deforestation causes a lot of disturbance in the environment like enhancement of $CO_2$ concentration, global warming, loss of biodiversity, habitat destruction, water cycle disturbance, soil erosion, flood and desertification.

- Conversion of forest land into land for agriculture purpose and cutting down of trees for timber, firewood, cattle ranching are the main reasons behind deforestation.
- Slash and burn agriculture (Jhum kheti) is also one of the reasons for forest disappearance. Jhum cultivation is the common practice in North East states.
- Flood is the very big God of soil erosion. it really removes the top fertile soil of that region and converts them into unfertile soil.
- Some human activity besides blood also affects the climate like over cultivation, unrestricted grazing, deforestation, poor irrigation and jhum cultivation.

- Reforestation is the major recovery process to restore the forest. It may occur manually or naturally. Reforestation is the process of planting of trees in deforested areas. Van mahotsava, Chipko movement and Joint forest management (JFM) the excellent way of conserving forest.
- Under these conservation processes, both government and private agencies participate and perform the plantation during July and February every year.

Hence the correct option is ‘D’.

Note: Forest is the major protector of the environment and it must be conserved. Weather and climate change depends upon temperature and rainfall. Temperature and rainfall depends upon vegetation.