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Granny purchased $ 8kg\,503g $ of sweets and snacks for the occasion. Out of which, $ 6kg\,368g $ were consumed. What quantity of sweets and snacks were left?

Last updated date: 14th Jul 2024
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Hint: The given problem revolves around the concepts of basic arithmetic and unit conversion. In the given question, we are required to evaluate the difference of two time quantities given to us in the problem itself. We break down the information given to us to try and identify what must be done in order to solve the problem. The weights are given to us in the units kilograms and grams. We first convert the weight solely into grams and then carry out the arithmetic operation required. We again convert the final answer to kilograms and grams.

Complete step-by-step answer:
So, according to the question,
Weight of sweets and snacks purchased by granny is $ 8kg\,503g $ .
Weight of sweets and snacks consumed is $ 6kg\,368g $ .
Now, we have to calculate the quantity of the snacks and sweets that are left.
Here, we have to find the difference of the two weights given to us in the problem itself. We are given the weights in kilograms and grams format.
Now, to compute the difference, we first convert both the time durations into grams format only and then subtract the two weights. Then, we again convert the final answer into the format of kilograms and grams so as to stick to the original format of the question.
The kilograms and grams are the units of weight. So, we convert these weights into grams by using the conversion.
We know that each kilogram consists of a thousand grams. So, we have $ 1kg = 1000g $ .
So, we have,
  $ 8kg\,503g = \left( {8000 + 503} \right)g = 8503g $
Also, we have,
  $ 6kg\,368g = \left( {6000 + 368} \right)g = 6368g $
Now, we can compute the difference easily. So, subtracting $ 6kg\,368g $ from $ 8kg\,503g $ , we get,
 $ \Rightarrow 8503g - 6368g $
Carrying out the calculation, we get,
 $ \Rightarrow 2135g $
Now, we have to convert this difference into kilograms and grams so as to give the answer in the original format of the question.
Again, we know the unit conversion of minutes into hours as $ 1kg = 1000g $ . So, converting the difference into kilograms and grams, we get,
 $ 2135g $
So, we get $ 2kg\,135g $ as the result when $ 6kg\,368g $ is subtracted from $ 8kg\,503g $ .
Hence, the quantity of sweets left were $ 2kg\,135g $ .
So, the correct answer is “ $ 2kg\,135g $ ”.

Note: One must know the conversion of kilograms to grams and vice versa so as to solve such types of questions. We must practice a lot of such questions so as to be able to crack these types of problems in a limited time frame. Accuracy in arithmetic is a must when doing such problems. We should keep in mind that the units must be the same while subtracting two quantities.