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Given $\overline {AB} $of length 7.3 cm and $\overline {CD} $ of length 3.4 cm, construct a line segment $\overline {XY} $ such that the length of $\overline {XY} $ is equal to the difference between the lengths of $\overline {AB} $ and $\overline {CD} $. Verify by measurement.

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Hint: We need to follow the construction steps in order.

Steps of construction:
Draw a line L and take a point X on it.
Construct XZ bar such that length $\overline {XZ} $= length of $\overline {AB} $ = 7.3 cm
Then cut off $\overline {ZY} $ = length of $\overline {CD} $= 3.4 cm
Thus the length of $\overline {XY} $ = length of $\overline {CD} $ verification : By measurement we find that length of $\overline {XY} $ = 3.9 cm = 7.3 cm – 3.4 cm = $\overline {AB} $ = $\overline {CD} $ segment $\overline {XY} $

Step 1:
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Step 2:
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Step 3:
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Step 4:
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