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Give the sources of the following vitamins and name the diseases caused by their deficiency:
1. A
2. D
3. E
4. K

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Hint: Vitamins are the substances that our bodies need to develop and function normally. Each organism requires different vitamins for their intake. Vitamins are rich in many fruits and vegetables. The recommended daily intake for various vitamins and minerals are suggested by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Complete step by step answer:
The source of the following vitamins and diseases caused by their deficiency can be written as follows,
Name of the vitamin: A ,Source Uses ,Diseases caused by its deficiency.
Name of the vitamin Source Uses Diseases caused by its deficiency
ACod liver oilFish,Carrots,Broccoli Sweet potatoesSpinach, mangoPapayaEggs etc...It is important for Normal visionImmune system ReproductionIt acts as an antioxidant.BlindnessDry eyesAnemiaDelayed growth Frequent infections
DSunshineFatty fishFish liver oilsMushroomsEgg yolksOrangeCerealsDairy products etc...Used for bone mineralizationReduce pressure and inflammations in our bodyStrengthen our immune systemRicketsWeak immune systemDepressionAnxietyBrittle bonesHypertension
EOlive oilAlmonds PeanutsAvocadoSpinachBroccoliDry fruitsPomegranateKiwiMangoHas anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory propertiesStrengthen the immune system Prevents coronary heart diseases.Weaken immune systemVision problemsFertility problemsLeg cramps
KCarrotPumpkinCashewGrapesEggsFishSpinach Needed for proper bone formationNeeded for blood clottingActs as transportation of calcium in the bodyBleedingOsteoporosisPoor bone developmentRisk of cardiovascular diseases

Note: Vitamins are an important source of nutrition for our body. Its deficiency leads to many diseases like sterile, poor bone development, blindness, weaker immune system, etc. Excess intake of vitamins may affect our health and also inadequate intake of vitamins creates numerous health problems.