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From the following options $1000mL$ is equal to:
  {\text{a}}{\text{. }}1c{m^3} \\
  {\text{b}}{\text{. }}10c{m^3} \\
  {\text{c}}{\text{. }}100c{m^3} \\
  {\text{d}}{\text{. }}1000c{m^3} \\

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Hint: - Use$1{m^3} = 1000L$.

We know that, $1{m^3} = 1000L.........\left( 1 \right)$
Also $1m = 100cm...............\left( 2 \right)$ and $1L = 1000mL$
So, given problem statement is $1000mL$
$\therefore 1000mL = 1L............\left( 3 \right)$
From equation 1
$1L = \dfrac{1}{{1000}}{m^3}$
So, from equation 3
$1000mL = 1L = \dfrac{1}{{1000}}{m^3}..........\left( 4 \right)$
Now from equation (2) and (4)
$1000mL = 1L = \dfrac{1}{{1000}}{m^3} = \dfrac{1}{{1000}}{\left( {100cm} \right)^3}$
$1000mL = \dfrac{{{{10}^6}}}{{1000}}c{m^3} = 1000c{m^3}$
Hence, option (d) is correct.

Note: - In such types of questions always remember the conversions of S.I units i.e. mL to L, L to cubic meter and meter to centimeter, all are stated above, then after simplification we will get the required answer.

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