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Find the value of the following: 25% of 1 hour in minutes.

Last updated date: 23rd Jul 2024
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Hint: For solving this type of questions you should know about the calculation of percentage of something. And also know how to calculate any value whose percentage is given to us. And it is calculated by a formula which is used to convert the percentage from any value. The general formula is given as, percentage (%) = $\dfrac{\text{value}}{\text{total value}}\times 100$. And we will find this percent for the minutes available in one hour.

Complete step-by-step solution:
Thus we can calculate the percentage of any number and the number and the total value of that by a single formula. The percentage is the amount of something in terms of 100. And we can say that the percent means per hundred. It means what the value or amount is at every $\text{hundredth}$.
According to our question it is given that we have to find the value of 25% of 1 hour in minutes. As we know that 1 hour contains 60 minutes. And these 60 minutes are considered as 100% value available in minutes in 1 hour. So, if we want to calculate the 25% of 1 hour in minutes, then:
  & 1\text{hour}\to 60\text{minutes} \\
 & \dfrac{25}{100}\times 60=15\text{minutes} \\
So, the answer is 15 minutes.

Note: The percentage is a very basic calculation and it is used at every or most of the calculations, so we should know how to calculate this. The percentage denotes how much any value is available or contained in the 100 of the value for which the percentage is going to calculate. In mathematics the percentage is a number or a ratio that represents a fraction of 100.